are you like ever going to post a picture of yourself or-

you honestly haven’t been following me for very long because I’ve answered this question 28377482 times :~)

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you should come back to the fan base, we all miss you.

probably not because I feel so disconnected and idk
but maybe I’ll come back as another type of blog idk it’s like impossible because I don’t have a laptop anymore so I can’t edit my theme or even make edits

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We are getting less and less fans bye the minute😢😔

really? that’s so depressing actually because I remember when they’re used to be so many ICONiacz and GRANDerz that it used to be irritating and it’s sad to see that this is what it’s come to.

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this is so random because I haven’t actually been on this blog for months and idek and no one is going to see this but I just watched a To Be One video on awesomnesstv???? like I didn’t know about the new name and then I saw the boyz and I started cryin bc it brought back so many memories and then I realized that they all have grown up so much since I left and idk I just feel weird looking at them bc they used to be my bbbies and now they’re like grown boys and wah it’s just sad and this blog just makes me so fucking sad because it brings back so many good memories and I’m sad that I just left it here and lost contact with all my old friends
that is all byeeeeeeeeeee

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Happy 4th of July everyone!! Have a great day!! Or night Lol 😂😂

hi so I gave away my personal and I’m pretty much never on this blog so if you want to talk to me message me and ill give you my kik!!! xoxo

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